The first Certified CISO in Ecuador (EC Council).

Engineer born in Ecuador with a passion for art.

I work on making people's lives a little bit easier. I do not only think of science and machines, I am not only analyzing sound or programming graphics, and I am certainly not only using the theory and translating it into multimedia and communications; instead I take all of them and create art.


Web Development: PHP, Open Source, MySQL, Wordpress.
Computer Graphics: image processing, CUDA, cloud based algorithms
Information Security: more than 10 years of experience on the energy sector. Working with ISO27000 and NERC-CIP.
Innovation and Management: new things are my thing!
Cloud Applications: researching, enhancing and developing the Internet
Innovation and Strategy: IT Strategy Design, Planning and Management.

Spoken Languages

  • English - native
  • Spanish - native
  • German - medium
  • Italian - medium

Technical Skills

My skills are primarly in technical computing areas, powered by a native talent in handling heavy abstract thinking.

Information Security
Scientific Computing
Adobe photoshop

Among Others...

I also enjoy the outdoors, sports, arts...

Oil Painting

Work Experience


June 2012 - Onwards
Corporate IT and Information Security Management


March 2010 - Onwards
President & Founder
Innovation Engineering, Web Applications Engineering.


Jun 2010 - June 2012
Corporate Projects Manager
Plan and coordinate IT projects implementation, design and execution. Manage and control the administration of Corporate IT services.


Feb 2009 - May2010
Project Engineer & Information Security Officer
Information Security Officer, Information Security Project Leader.

Friedrich-Alexander Universitaet

Dec 2007- Mar 2009
Wissenschaftliche Hilfskräfter
Tutor of “Tutorials to Scientific Computing” Lecture Improvements on the Study Concept’s registration System. PHP-MySQL and AJAX.


Jul - Sept 2007
Working Postgraduate Student
Translation of technical documents from Spanish into English.

CELEC EP - Transelectric

Apr 2004 - Feb 2009
Project Engineer & Information Security Officer
Implementation of the Transmission Control Center of TRANSELECTRIC (SCADA control room and auxiliary systems such as Fire Detection and Extinction system, Surveillance, among others) Information Technology Support for the area. Information Security Officer for the project.


Develop a passion for learning. If you do, you will never cease to grow. (Anthony J. D'Angelo)

Universidad Carlos III de Madrid, Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona, Instituto Universitario de Postgrado
Oct 2010 - Nov 2011

(Spain) Master in Management of Innovation and Strategy
  • Innovation projects leadership
  • International Business
  • Project Management
  • Innovative techniques for management

Friedrich Alexander Universitaet
Feb 2007 - Mar 2009

(Germany) Master in Sciences in Computational Engineering.
Thesis: Parallel Collision Detection using Graphics Hardware.
  • Computer Graphics
  • Cluster Computing
  • Supercomputing
  • Scientific Computing
  • Digital Signal Processing
  • Digital Audio Signal Processing

Pontificia Universidad Católica del Ecuador
Oct 1999 - Jul 2003

(Ecuador) Systems and Computing Engineer

Jan - Feb 2003

(USA) CIW Certified Internet Webmaster Associate

Escuela Politécnica Nacional
Feb 2007 - Mar 2009

(Ecuador) Unix Administrator
  • Network Analysis and Administration
  • User Management
  • Operative System Administration in general

I'm also interested in everything crosses art, systems architecture, and innovative projects.


Social skills and competences

Good public relations. Capacity to listen and to explain with clarity. I'm a very patient person, when it is necessary. I work hard and I like to be on an environment in which everyone works hard as well.

Organizational skills

Excellent organizational skills. I work like a thunder when I'm under pressure. I'm able to coordinate technical teams and to lead any kind of project.

Other skills and competences

I love philosophy, history, and esoteric subjects. I'm a freemason who loves studying and working for the order and the world in general. I'm also an active member of MENSA International.

Featured Projects

Parallel Collision Detection Using Graphics Hardware

Collision detection is an important processing step in computer animations and physical based simulations. Collision detection is one of the most computational expensive tasks in many computer graphics applications. In this work I show how to use the graphics hardware as a parallel processor to accelerate the detection of interference and collision between 3D geometric objects.

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Have you ever gotten an idea about how can your life improve, and how science and technology can help you? if not, then just let me imagine it for you and let me make it real, if yes, then just let me be part of your idea and together we will make it a dream that in short time will come true.

Telephone: ++593.8759.5160
Email: info [at]
Address: De los Rosales N46-152 y Madroños
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